Saturday, December 26, 2015

Yo Bro HoMoFo.

I takes this candy bar if'n I likes
Gets out the way old man
A young brother
Gots to take his stand

So after dat here I iz....just walkin
Down the middle of the street
When ups drives this cop likes
We supposed to meet
Soz I punches him in the head
and trys to take his gun
What's wrongs with a Home boy
Tryin to have some fun
He gets out the car...
I runs away....
I turn and bear down on him
Likes I'm going to ruin his day
He sez stop I keeps comin
and then he shoots me....
Like hey whuts up
I thoughts this was the land of the free
I thoughts this was the land of the free
Just cause I broke his jaw
When I hit him in the car
He had no right to go
So far
As to defend his position
As to defend his life
Likes he had the right to go home
To his family and wife...
Hands up
Don't shoot
Like's we're all hugs
For thugs as long as
They in cahoots...
4:05 pm
*transcribed this time 6L47 pm

Islam is Evil

Islam is not a religion
It is a cult of death
You can see it in their every move
Hear it in every utterance under their breath

Islam is the devils tongue
Come to blind you to common sense
Islam is Satan on the move
Come to muddy up and make dense

The waters of free and open thought
Of love forgiveness and redemption
Islam is blood and tyranny and selfishness
It is only their way without exemption

Islam is torture death and deceiving
Islam lies and manipulates
Islam is Perdition calling your name
To welcome you home to hate

12L07 pm
*transcribed this time
6L44 om